Money laundering and terrorism financing prevention

Our solution brings more technology to KYC, Money Laundering Prevention and Terrorist Financing processes, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing automation in risk analysis processes in a secure manner and complying with internal and external regulations.

Have all the information to make the best decisions

Our money laundering and terrorist financing prevention and detection solution is technological and world-class. Developed under the “KYC” principle, it allows to obtain more reliable and robust conclusions, in addition to generating greater agility to know the habits and routines of its customers and greater automation. It is 100% web and integrated with LDAP/AD.


More autonomy in processes and agility in compliance with regulations

Our money laundering prevention solution adapts to the regulations of any country and segment using the same module that generates more autonomy and agility to your operation to generate new controls, alerts and reports, regardless of the provider. Learn how your institution can benefit from a single solution that combines automation and security for the operation of your business anywhere in the world.


Some of our interactions

Financial Core

Generate greater reliability and security by associating our AML/FTP solution with Topaz's financial core, from the opening of accounts to the operations of clients in the Institution through integrated bank and tax accounting, which guarantees that all financial transactions are generated in real time, with a reduction in the reconciliation process with the BackOffice team, 24/7 availability and automatic communication with the regulatory body.


Together with the Topaz Onboarding Solution, it offers online controls for the search of new individuals in lists of suspects and risk calculation at the time of onboarding, greatly reducing the risk of opening fraudulent accounts and complying with the regulations required by the country and business sector.


Together with Topaz's fraud prevention and combat solution, an integrated control of clients in the field of money laundering is carried out, crossing information from Topaz's robust database with all international listings (UN, OFAC, EU, UK, France, Canada), generating risk analysis, accurate alerts to the institution and automatic communication with the regulatory body. that reduce manual analysis, while providing greater efficiency and autonomy to the risk area.

Digital Channels

Convert and retain active customers and consumers more efficiently by associating our AML solution with the Topaz digital Engagement solution, reducing registration steps, mitigating customer friction and automatically validating user data, automatically combining and merging, in a single database, all information from different databases for better execution of controls.

Physic and digital channels

Improve the security of your business by using our anti-money laundering solution together with Topaz's Solutions for Physical and Digital Channels, which together offer greater security in the creation of customized products with risk assessment and automatic alerts and in line with local and international regulations.

Solutions for different verticals and businesses


  • Credit unions
  • Traditional banks
  • Digital banks
  • Microfinance
  • Fintechs
  • Exchange and currency bureaus
  • Payment methods
  • Financial institutions
  • Savings and credit banks
  • Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturer banks
  • Marketplace applications
  • Auctioncompanies
  • Consortiums

Other segments

  • Energy, telecom and internet distributors
  • Car manufacturers and car rental companies
  • Government institutions

Topaz brings the evolution in digital transformation to your business!

+270 Million

monthly transactions


compliance with the standards required for customers.

1 second -

Online control of lists in less than 1 second

+8 Million

monitored customers

Cover all the needs of the Compliance area having a complete management of financial transactions and atypical situations

In the same system, perform analysis of risk-based financial movements and detection of indications of money laundering and terrorist financing in an integrated manner. Monitor transactions sent and received that meet all customizable rules requirements, in full compliance with the requirements of global regulatory bodies. Know your customer's routine; Complete technology in the risk assessment and analysis stages; Profile management and administration; Risk classification and segmentation analysis; Customer management according to fixed and variable risk; Objective dashboard that reduces manual analysis and automates the institution's processes.

  • Continuous Management
  • Monitor
  • Detect
  • Investigate
  • Analyze autonomously

Online and automatic control of internal and global lists of suspects; Analysis of operations 24/7 in real time, online or offline, adapting to the needs of the institution; Easy incorporation of new control scenarios and new regulations; Detailed information about the alert; Automatic communication to regulatory bodies

Automatically or manually validate customer profiles and data from different documents in internal and external lists in an agile and secure way.

Over 500 preconfigured or customizable AML rules in a single solution that promotes more assertive analysis based on customers’ risk score.

Have all the necessary elements to control the research process and objectively manage the business flow using a world-class solution with multi-tenant functionality.

Easily integrate and track reports on your website, application via SDK, API or dashboard, automatically generating reports to approve or disapprove users with escalation option, complying with the regulatory requirements of the Central Bank and other public bodies.

In compliance with domestic, national or international regulations

  • Cover any regulatory needs efficiently and securely to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Have more assertiveness in your risk analysis through a solution that goes beyond the standard, offering an automatic analysis of the relationship with customers, partners and companies in compliance with all the requirements of your business. Optimize your time by eliminating manual scans and add autonomy to your processes through automatic real-time alerts that promote the reduction of false positives.



+20 Million people controlled

+16 thousand solution users

Integrated with major regulatory bodies