Specialized technology for different verticals

Topaz is present in different verticals of different institutions, of different sizes and complexities, providing a complete platform, with high technology, that drives digital transformation and business growth, ideal not only for the present moment, but for the future, with security and flexibility to continue its path of evolution.

Scalability and Growth for the Fintech Sector

Our platform is complete and comprehensive, offers exponential growth with quality and financial optimization, based on a rich and innovative experience, with our own advanced technology. We are an enabler for digital banks that seek to optimize the composable banking strategy, with solutions in modular or joint arrangement that promote the growth of the product portfolio, in an evolutionary, flexible and available way, to scale at low cost with effective integration in different ecosystems.

A complete platform for Fintechs and SCDs

Universal Core Banking

Have a complete and modular Core banking, recognized by the most recognized certifiers, which offers greater efficiency and flexibility to generate business with a shorter time to market and high integrability to cover any transaction in real time and adaptable to the transformations of national and international markets


Securely leverage digital business growth while mitigating financial loss risks and optimizing the customer experience from onboarding to open finance with a comprehensive and complete fraud prevention and combat solution, number 1 in Brazil

ML/FT Combat and Prevention

Cover all internal, local and international regulatory needs with a single suite without losing pace with your business performance with a solution that brings more technology and automation to KYC, AML and Compliance processes

Digital channels

Scale your business with agility by offering a customer-centric digital experience that goes beyond conventional personalization, combining technology and optimization with digital channels, so that your institution has more effectiveness and security to offer complete and agile financial products and services with a modern and little complex suite, which guarantees a competitive advantage to optimize its operation


Go beyond the ordinary. Provide your customers with a seamless multichannel experience, bridging the gap between physical and digital, easily adapting to business evolution with a technology suite that enhances and accelerates the delivery processes of products and services to make them more assertive and personalized, optimizing the end-user experience.


Ensure greater agility and total security in Digital Onboarding through a set of solutions that are part of a protection ecosystem that validates information, identifies potential fraud and increases the security of your operations while innovating and evolving the digital transformation of your institution by providing truly transformative services.

Open X

Go beyond regulation and APIs, create opportunities and democratize access to innovative services in different verticals, uncomplicating processes and updating your business ecosystem with a single strategic and highly technological partner that provides disruptive solutions ready to face the current and future challenges of the market in the "Open" world

Digital Channels

Efficiently retain your customers so that they become loyal and active consumers of your institution while delivering value to your business through solutions that combine Artificial Intelligence and automation to generate behavioral analysis in real time and with total adherence to regulations that optimizes your operation to provide personalized attention.

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