Safe Origination

With Topaz, your institution reduces risks to your customer base, eliminates manual processes, and prevents onboarding fraud. With its powerful ability to query data sources, associated with its extensive knowledge base and artificial intelligence to detect possible risk situations, our solution is fundamental for the process of cleaning cadastral databases that have been built through digital onboarding.


Safe digital world

The technological and regulatory advances of recent years have allowed financial and payment institutions to move their customer acquisition processes to the digital world. With Topaz, this process is safe for your institution and simple for your client.

Trust and strategy

The use of software applications for digital onboarding has quickly become a strategic tool for the growth of the client portfolio, at the same time that security risks have increased, so Topaz has the ideal solution for your company to guarantee the confidence of the cadastral base.


Some of our interactions

Solutions for different verticals and businesses


  • Credit unions
  • Traditional banks
  • Digital banks
  • Microfinance
  • Fintechs
  • Exchange and currency bureaus
  • Payment methods
  • Financial institutions
  • Savings and credit banks
  • Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturer banks
  • Marketplace applications
  • Auction companies
  • Consortiums

Other segments

  • Energy, telecom and internet distributors
  • Car manufacturers and car rental companies
  • Government institutions

Topaz brings the evolution in digital transformation to your business!

+ 100 million

users recognized by the solution

+ 200 million

recognized devices

Our solution provides the differential that your institution needs to provide you with all the necessary security

Our process differentials

  • Risk measurement of certain profiles
  • More than 1000 records analyzed per day
  • Clean institutional database

Advantages of using our solution

  • Check the risk level of the account registration base
  • Analyze the situations of deaths, trials (criminal, civil) etc.
  • Get better account and record management with signs of anomalies and/or potential fraud
  • Reduce record-keeping/customer account maintenance costs
  • Capture
  • Processing
  • Approval Bureau
  • Customer Data Capture
  • Capture of identification documents 
  • Data capture for authentication (Password, Face and Voice)
  • Signature capture for integration with Signatures and Powers
  • Transmission of images to servers.
  • Check image quality
  • Check if the ID is valid
  • Extract contract indices (OCR/ICR)
  • Check anti-fraud articles 
  • Validate the signature
  • Performs data orchestration across offices
  • Send results to the table
  • Analysis of inconsistencies indicated by the automatic process
  • Insertion of all information and analysis in the tool for subsequent consultation (audit)
  • After completing all stages of the workflow, both automatic and manual, the customer receives the data of the contracted digital service.

Open paths in physical and digital channels

  • Our solution is multichannel, flexible and secure. He has global experience and national knowledge of more than 400 software professionals in tune with current market trends. It attracts new customers, offers new products, services and manages the client's financial life through platforms and begins to offer the great differential of any financial institution in the search for the loyalty of this new consumer much more empowered. Through different software modules that guarantee integrity, authenticity and reliability, electronic documents and personal data used in digital onboarding are protected and can be managed and monitored in real time.




Effective technology, regardless the agile device

 Low-risk experience for your customer.