Specialized technology for different verticals

Topaz is present in different verticals of different institutions, of different sizes and complexities, providing a complete platform, with high technology, that drives digital transformation and business growth, ideal not only for the present moment, but for the future, for sure. and flexibility to continue its path of evolution.

More than solutions, a leading platform in the market

Our set of solutions form the most complete full banking platform on the market so that different segments can evolve the way they carry out transactions and offer financial services with security and autonomy to scale businesses while fostering healthy growth of their customer base, reducing costs. IT costs. and operations with innovation and with a single provider, such as Topaz, which provides the client with a leading role in their digital transformation process.

Discover our business segments

Security and Transformation for the Financial Sector

Our Full Banking platform offers a set of solutions to accelerate transformation, with assertive digitization and a shorter time to market for businesses with real innovation and proprietary technology made by people for people.

Security and Availability for the Retail Sector

Availability and security, from Onboarding to carrying out transactions. No matter the challenge: whether it is acquisition or retention of the portfolio through our complete platform, the digital transformation of Back to Front with a strategy of secure middleware in APIs and hyper-personalization

More security and operational efficiency for the Telecom Sector

Get effective protection with higher revenue and less financial loss from digital fraud. We provide technology that generates security from the Onboarding process to the completion of the transaction, with the most innovative Risk Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, as well as easy integration, elasticity and high availability.

Risk mitigation and reputational improvement of the Insurance Sector and similar

Mitigate financial and reputational risks while adding assertiveness to identify and qualify customers with global coverage and high connectivity with solutions that offer high technology and adherence to PLD best practices in the application of the "Know Your Customer (KYC)" policy.

Scalability and Growth for the Fintech Sector

Achieve exponential growth with quality and financial optimization, based on a rich and innovative experience of an enabler for digital banks such as Topaz that helps optimize your composable banking strategy, with solutions that promote the growth of the product portfolio, in an evolutionary and active.