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Topaz: experience, growth and technology

We are one of the largest technology companies specialized in digital financial solutions in Latin America, with the most complete and adherent technology platform on the market. We believe that evolution is the result of joint work, customer-oriented, which is why we are the foundation for the digital transformation of any business that uses, or plans to use, financial transactions, making change an impetus to scale financial businesses and transform the relationship of people with money.

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Universal Core Banking

Have a complete and modular Core Banking, recognized by the most prestigious consultancies, which offers greater efficiency and flexibility to generate business with less time to market and high comprehensiveness to cover any transaction in real time and adaptable to the transformations of the national and international markets.

Fraud Combat and Prevention

Safely boost the growth of digital business while mitigating the risks of financial losses and optimizing the customer experience from onboarding to open finance with a comprehensive and complete fraud prevention and combat solution, number 1 in Brazil.

Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing prevention

Cover all internal, local and multinational regulatory needs with a single suite without losing pace with your business performance with a solution that brings more technology and automation to KYC, AML and Compliance processes.

Digital channels

Scale your business with agility by offering a customer-focused digital experience that goes beyond conventional personalization, combining technology and optimization with digital channels, so that your institution is more effective and secure in offering complete and agile financial products and services with a modern suite, ensuring a competitive edge to streamline your operation.


Go beyond the ordinary. Provide your customer with a seamless multi-channel experience, bridging the gap between the physical and the digital, easily adapting to the business evolution with a technology package that enhances and accelerates the delivery processes of products and services to make them more assertive and personalized, optimizing the user experience end to end.


Guarantee more agility and total security in Digital Onboarding through a set of solutions that is part of a protection ecosystem that validates information, identifies possible fraud and increases the security of your operations while innovating and evolving the digital transformation of your institution delivering truly transformative experiences.

Open Finance

Go beyond regulations and APIs, create opportunities and democratize access to innovative services in different verticals, simplifying processes and updating your business ecosystem with a unique and highly technological partner that provides disruptive solutions that are ready to face today's and future market challenges in the open world.

Digital Engagment

Efficiently retain your clients so that they become loyal and active consumers of your institution while delivering value to your business through solutions that combine Artificial Intelligence and automation to generate real-time behavior analysis and fully adhere to the regulations that optimize their operation to provide personalized treatment and a unique client experience.

Our best reference

Our technology, made by people for people, develop business from different verticals and transform the financial world.


Our platform relays on the best Core Banking systems for Latam, recognized by specialists.

Technology made by people for people

Dream big and make something huge! Transform how people relate  

Transform people’s relationships with the way they do business and consume services from their financial institutions while overcoming challenges and boosting their professional development.

Be part of a united team, diverse and multicultural!

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