Core Banking

Our Core supports all the operations of any institution that has financial services, anywhere in the world, allowing to optimize processes that accelerate business and integrate with different protocols, events and APIs, generating an excellent Time-to-Market in the offer of new products and services with more security in real time, without the need for data mirroring, In addition to the flexibility to adapt to new market demands with agility, growth and high scalability.

A robust and technological financial core for any institution that offers financial services

Regardless of the segment in which you operate, the size or complexity of your operation, from physical accounts to digital accounts, count on a robust and high-tech financial core, which responds to the main challenges of the market, quickly accompanying the digital transformation and market demands to scale the offer of products and services quickly and efficiently. Learn how your institution can combine high technology while driving business growth safely with Topaz.


Have a Core that accelerates your growth

Our Core is highly technological, flexible and dynamic, with a unique integrable technology, which adapts to the new regulations of the market and the legacy system with agility and security, so that your institution obtains more advantages to scale businesses with quality by generating customizable products and services that adapt to the demands of today and tomorrow, increasingly assertive to the profile of its customers.



Some of our interactions

Risk & Compliance

Generate greater reliability and security by associating our Financial Core with Topaz's Risk & Compliance solution, which combats money laundering, based on the KYC principle, complying with internal and global requirements, based on a comprehensive analysis, with highly customizable alerts, through an integrated bank and tax accounting, which ensures that all financial transactions are generated in real time, with reduction in the reconciliation process, 24/7 availability and automatic communication to regulatory bodies.


Effectively manage risks and prevent digital fraud by combining our Core banking solution with the Topaz Anti-Fraud Solution, which has the largest ecosystem to combat and prevent digital fraud in the market, providing end-to-end security in financial processes and digital transactions, as well as reducing the cost of customer acquisition and maintenance, making your operation even safer, from Onboarding to Open Finance.

Physic and digital channels

Grant a unique experience to your customer regardless of their location or channel by adding to our Core Banking solution Topaz's Physical and Digital Channels Solution, which uses high technology, cryptography and a scalable and robust digital system that promotes greater connection capacity and integration, end to end, from the physical to the digital world.


Have the most effective customer onboarding process while scaling the digital business with efficiency and high availability by combining Topaz's digital onboarding solution with our Core, which through its comprehensive and unique model, reduces customer friction while promoting more security and flexibility to deliver more customized solutions that adhere to your customer base.

Open X

Don't miss the timing of business to comply with new market regulations. Boost your operation by choosing Topaz's OpenX Solutions together with our Core Banking and integrate APIs with your legacy system with ease and availability, providing more agility and security, so that your institution obtains more advantages by generating customizable products and services that adapt to the demands of now and tomorrow increasingly assertive to the profile of your customers.

Solutions for different verticals and businesses


  • Credit unions
  • Traditional banks
  • Digital banks
  • Microfinances
  • Fintechs
  • Exchange and currency bureaus
  • Payment methods
  • Financial institutions
  • Savings and credit banks
  • Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturer banks
  • Marketplace applications
  • Auction companies
  • Consortiums

Other segments

  • Energy, telecom and internet distributors
  • Car manufacturers and car rental companies
  • All organizations that need to offer or can internalize financial services

Topaz brings the evolution in digital transformation to your business!


real-time transactional accounting


Transactions processed per second

Main core banking

for Latin America, recognized by Gartner, Forester and Celent

10 minutes

is the time it takes for a newly opened account to be operational.

Efficiency and agility to evolve businesses with a complete, comprehensive and high-tech Core Banking

Project business evolution

  • Get a core banking built to antecipate and adapt to the challenges of the future
  • Have flexibility and shorter time to market when launching new products
  • Get a friendly and intuitive interface that enables rapid adaptation, reducing learning time, training and infrastructure costs
  • Easily integrate your financial core with existing systems, including external and legacy institution databases
  • Optimally manage Workflows, which ensure the execution of more appropriate and assertive tasks

Independent parts of a complete solution

  • Cover the specific function of each financial product through independent, integrated modules that span the entire operation
  • Manage the entire operation of the institution or part of it, according to its current and / or future needs, transforming market requirements into opportunities
  • Offer an even more positive travel experience, developing all commercial and operational activities around your client in the same solution
  • Facilitate administrative and commercial management by reducing risks with full guarantee of execution of credit granting and authorization processes based on preset parameters with built-in resolution to collection management
  • Optimize decision-making through more integrated and relevant reports and information for your business
  • Agnostic
  • Integrable
  • Scalable
  • Flexible

Have an ideal financial core for your business and at the service of your processes, regardless of your cloud, database or operating system

Optimize business with a split microcore that provides greater ease of deployment and integration to meet your institution’s needs

Drive business with lower TCO while processing large transactional volumes through a solution designed to scale businesses, requiring minimal infrastructure and ensuring maximum performance

Have a financial platform that has high technology providing an advanced level of parameterization and several types of connectors that provide greater flexibility and better performance for your operation

Have a state-of-the-art, high-tech financial core

  • Have autonomy and flexibility to choose processes, according to your priorities and needs
  • Increase your reliability in accounting processes, with a platform that ensures that all financial transactions are generated in real time with a reduction in the reconciliation process by the Backoffice team
  • Place the customer at the center of the business through a core that provides a single vision that optimizes processes and increases the profitability of your customers, offering highly customizable products with low Time to Market



Recognized by Gartner, Forester and Celent

+30 custumers in Latin America and in the Caribbean

27 Million lives transformed through financial inclusion.