Engagement and Loyalty

With Topaz's Digital Engagement solution, efficiently retain your customers so that they become loyal and active consumers of your institution. Our solution combines Artificial Intelligence and Automation to generate real-time behavioral analysis and fully adheres to regulations that optimize your operation to provide a personalized and unique customer experience.

Know your customer

In the current scenario, financial companies increasingly seek to retain their customers so that they become active consumers, delivering value to the customer.

Through the analysis of the customer behavior of our solution and with an intensive use of artificial intelligence, we nurture the relationship with the customer with personalized experiences.

Simplified campaigns in one place

Get a complete campaign experience only with our end-to-end build-to-end end-to-end lifecycle management solution   


Some of our interactions


Retain customers with greater security and quality so that they become active consumers, delivering value to the business, combining our Anti-Fraud Solution with Topaz Digital Engagement, which through our robust ecosystem provides total prevention for electronic fraud in transactional channels and digital services, from Onboarding to transaction.

Money Laundering Prevention

More efficiently convert and retain customers and active consumers by partnering our Anti-Money Laundering Solution with Topaz's Digital Engagement solution, reducing registration steps, mitigating customer friction and automatically validating user data, automatically combining and merging, into a Single database, all the information from different databases for better execution of controls.

Solutions for different verticals and businesses


  • Credit unions
  • Traditional banks
  • Digital banks
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Fintechs
  • Exchange and currency offices
  • Means of payment
  • Financial institutions
  • Savings and credit banks
  • Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturer banks
  • Marketplace applications
  • Auction companies
  • Consortia

Other segments

  • Energy, telephony and internet distributors
  • Car manufacturers and car rental companies
  • Government institutions

Topaz brings the evolution in digital transformation to your business!


Potential increase in revenue and retention


Increased marketing efficiency and cost savings


Increase in customer acquisition.


Greater satisfaction and engagement.

Use data to deliver personalized, seamless experiences that optimize customer value and drive long-term growth.

Complete and Effective Solution

  • Marketing Cost Optimization
  • Generating additional revenue
  • ncrease Up and Cross-sell
  • Customer Experience

Basis of our solution

  • Analytics
  • Compliance
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Complies with current regulations
  • Differential for your company
  • CVM

The market is increasingly competitive, so it is necessary to look for ways of profitable growth

Customer Value Management is a way of evaluating each client based on their current and future profitability, enabling appropriate marketing strategies

Topaz is the largest alliance in digital transformation.

  • Decrease Churn - Reduction in the cancellation rate of accounts, zero and/or inactive accounts, increasing monetization
  • Increase your revenue: reduce the cannibalization of your income by avoiding massive promotions with expensive incentives and no return
  • High Anchoring - Achieves high consumption/movement elasticity


 Flexible solution  that adheres  to large corporations

Reduction of time to market from SaaS offer