It brings together, in a single suite, all the necessary components for the complete integration of electronic processes and transactions in the most diverse channels of financial services (ATM, Cashiers, Internet and Mobile) and retail (e-commerce, POS and Mobile), guaranteeing a hyper personalized, uniform, modern and secure user experience.

Optimized omnichannel experience

Choose efficiency to optimize and innovate your channel management and orchestration with a flexible, secure multichannel suite that features global expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver a seamless, connected, and integrated experience to your customer’s journey, regardless of location or device chosen

Digital and Physic world union

Expand the business to new service channels and make existing products and services available in other channels, with reduced support efforts and agility in evolution through a multichannel suite that allows rapid changes, ensuring an effective competitive advantage and continuous integration between channels to strengthen ties with customers while offering a high level of personalization of the user experience and integrated with IoT.


Some of our interactions

Financial Core

Grant a unique experience to your customer, regardless of the channel, by acquiring Topaz's Core Financiero solution, which through high technology, cryptography and a robust scalable digital system, promotes greater connection and integration capacity, to generate different products and services for speed and end-to-end availability, bridging the physical and digital worlds.

Open X

Provide a single end-to-end customer experience so they can feel connected to their institution wherever they are and integrate their product offerings with new open world regulations with ease, regardless of channel, through Topaz's OpenX solutions that drive digital transformation with security and availability and technology beyond APIs.


Integrate the channels with our Topaz Onboarding solution and offer a unique experience from the moment the relationship is opened until the transaction is completed smoothly and securely, making your customer base more assertive and adherent to offer future products and services that will generate greater possibility of conversion. expand business opportunities and strengthen ties.


Scale your product offering while preventing financial fraud, stop threats efficiently and quickly while increasing the security of your customer base by adding the Topaz anti-fraud solution to the digital channels solution, which, through Machine Learning, Transactional Risk Score and solid banking information. Security Sanitizes your customer base while offering personalized multi-factor authentication in line with your company's security policy to confirm transactions faster and more securely.

Risk & Compliance

Enhance the security of your business using our Money Laundering Prevention Solution together with the Topaz Solution for physical, digital and multichannel channels, which through KYC and AI offers greater security in the creation of personalized products with evaluation, automatic risk alerts and in line with the internal, local and international regulations of the institution.

Solutions for different verticals and businesses


  • Credit unions
  • Traditional banks
  • Digital banks
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Fintechs
  • Exchange and currency offices
  • Means of payment
  • Financial institutions
  • Savings and credit banks
  • Investment funds
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturer banks
  • Marketplace applications
  • Auction companies
  • Consortia

Other segments

  • Energy, telephony and internet distributors
  • Car manufacturers and car rental companies
  • Government institutions

Topaz brings the evolution in digital transformation to your business!

+ 15 thousand

box terminals in operation

+ 1 million

transactions processed daily on agency channels

+ 40

pre-configured financial and administrative transactions to optimize your operation

+20 Banks and Cooperatives

orchestrate and manage their digital channels with Topaz

Scale your business across different channels while delivering a seamless, dynamic and unique customer experience

Offer more robust solutions

  • Have more robust configurations to orchestrate channels
  • Easily connect your legacy system and native APIs
  • Generate more assertive marketing campaigns with a solution that supports biometrics, image, checking, and document management.
  • It has a powerful transactional middleware, which allows the reuse of previously built transactions between the most varied channels

Add ease to channel orchestration

  • Own a solution that doesn't need to be installed
  • Breaks ground and explores opportunities on any channel
  • Sort easier and lighter by strengthening customer relationships regardless of channel
  • Generate more benefits for your operation, such as cost reduction, less effort to deploy and maintain software, combined with reduced time to market when launching new products and services.
  • Customization
  • Accelerator
  • Customizable
  • More autonomy

Achieve a personalized experience for your customers, whether your business needs multichannel, multichannel or omnichannel with  Topaz’s omnichannel suite.

Have a modular and flexible solution, with white label applications that accelerate time to market, enabling hyper-personalized travel  for a better experience.

Promote greater automation and full orchestration of physical and digital channels, including Onboarding and Open Banking with our solution that offers a customizable look.

Our solution is agnostic, available in the On-Premise or Cloud model, interoperable and offers high availability and scalability with an agile and customized implementation.

Topaz is the largest alliance in digital transformation.

  • Have complete management of physical and digital channels with orchestration in all processes, from Onboarding to Transactional while leveraging your digital transformation
  • Centralize channel management, providing more autonomy and agility in operation management while delivering best-in-class security that mitigates fraud through transactional
  • risk scoring Increase the productivity of development teams dealing with new technology deployment processes while accelerating the launch of products and services with more functionality and hyper-personalization across multiple channels.




+21 million known biometric data

Mobile Banking with  +200  thousand active users

Automation of operations in +6 thousand branches