Go beyond regulation, create opportunities and democratize access to innovative services in different verticals, simplifying processes and updating your business ecosystem with a unique and highly technological partner that provides disruptive solutions ready to face current and future market challenges, with a complete platform like Topaz, which transforms the way of doing business in the "open" world, Evolving your institution's operation with scalability and security

Reducing Open Banking to simply complying with regulations for sharing services and customer data using APIs leads to lost business opportunities! Explore new product offerings and drive more profitable transactional operations for your institution by choosing a solution that, in addition to regulatory compliance, provides a more secure, high-tech customer experience journey for your institution to drive more value from the operation with scalability and 24/7 availability.

Open Finance: the power of choice in the palm of your hand

With the decision to share data in the palm of the user’s hand, product of the new Open Banking and Open Finance regulations, offering a hyper-personalized, secure and reliable customer experience makes the difference so that the relationship with your institution is maintained and conducted. Through Topaz’s OpenX suite, your institution has the necessary digital technological structure to offer products more in line with the needs of your client with security, availability and completeness beyond APIs, so that your client has a successful journey, as a protagonist of the Business.


Some of our interactions

Financial Core

Integrate APIs of the new Open Finance regulation with your legacy system with ease and availability by choosing Topaz's Core Financial solutions, which through a unique and dynamic integrable technology, provide agility and security, so that your institution obtains more advantages to scale quality businesses by generating customizable products and services that meet the demands of today and tomorrow, Increasingly bad asertives al perfil de sus clientes


Go beyond API compliance, add more security in the exchange of open financial data, acquiring Topaz's suite of anti-fraud solutions that promotes strategic end-to-end digital protection for your institution to scale businesses in the open world, through a complete ecosystem of fraud prevention and combat, that analyzes the risk in real time of a robust and dynamic database, with more than 20 years of experience and installed on millions of devices.


Provide a unique customer experience, so you feel connected to your institution wherever you are and easily integrate your offerings with new open world regulations, regardless of channel, through Topaz Omnichannel solutions that drive Digital Transformation security, availability and technology.

Solve for different verticals and business


  • Cooperatives of savings and credit
  • Traditional banks
  • Digital banks
  • Microfinance
  • Fintechs
  • Exchange houses and currencies
  • Averages of paid
  • Financial institutions
  • Savings and credit banks
  • Investment funds
  • Cooperativas de créditos
  • Exchange of cryptocurrencies


  • Retail
  • Insurers
  • Manufacturers banks
  • Marketplace apps
  • Auctions companies
  • Consortia

Other Segments

  • Energy, telephone and internet distributors
  • Car manufacturers and car rental companies
  • Institutions of government

Topaz leads the evolution in digital transformation directed to your business!

More than API

adds security and availability to your Open offering

100% adherence

to market regulations

Technological robustness

of who owns the market-leading complete banking platform

At the forefront of evolution

get a solution that integrates easily with current and future needs

Accelerate and simplify product offerings in the Open world by providing a unique, high-level customer experience

Open Pyonerism

  • Drive your institution's innovation with a transformable native solution to your customer's needs
  • You are prepared for the challenges of the future before your competitors
  • Adapt to Open Finance and emerge in all other open systems that suit your institution
  • Stay one step ahead: make your Open offer safer and more effective

Native integrity

  • Integrate your legacy system with APIs quickly
  • Get standalone modules that are easy to implement
  • Scale according to your institution's needs
  • Have an accelerated growth and quality generating integrated and hyperpersonalized offers
  • More than APIs
  • Modulate
  • Integrable
  • Agile

Choose a highly technological solution that drives business success, while transforming the way you generate offers tailored to the needs of customers and consumers from different sectors and institutions for your relationship base, scaling and monetizing your operation

Count on a modular solution that adapts to the needs of each business, whether they are the needs of today and tomorrow

Make your operation assertive with new regulations by having a highly integrated solution to legacy systems while providing security and reliability to your customer base

Choose a universal, secure and agile solution, 100% compatible with current market regulations to obtain and offer Open Finance features.

Revolutionize the financial experience with technology

  • Be part of the Open technological revolution by choosing our solution, which provides a complete and secure ecosystem so that your institution has sophistication, efficiency, customization and practicality when generating offers that adhere to the needs of the business and, above all, of your client.
  • Expand the range of business possibilities of your institution by quickly consuming opportunities for new income generated with the democratization of products and services from other sectors and institutions involved in the regulation of Open Finance, eliminating Topaz as a strategic partner in this process.
  • Make your Open operation more robust and secure by choosing a partner who has technology, expertise, and ownership to add innovation and evolution to your business beyond the conventional.




State-of-the-art technology for the evolution and innovation of digital financial traders

Shorter time to market for institutions around the world to scale business with availability